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Exercise May Add Years to Your Life

Doctors and researchers have always recommended that individuals establish a regular exercise routine as part of a healthy lifestyle, especially as they age.  Exercise not only keeps the entire body and its organs working in tip-top shape, but also helps regulate the body’s natural cycles, including sleep and mood.   Earlier this week, the journal PLos Medicine published a study linking moderate exercise to life expectancy.  This is great news for employers who are trying to incorporate exercise initiatives in their wellness programs.

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Promoting Leadership in the Workplace

Leadership is the core of every successful business.  A true leader is someone who doesn’t just manage and envision, but inspires leadership in others, as well.  In order to promote leadership in their companies, employers need to establish company core values that integrate ethical, leadership, and innovation principles.  Core values alone are not enough, however.  Employers also need to provide training programs to improve employee skills, and promote leadership recognition that will help motivate employees.

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Diabetes in the Workplace

It’s been estimated that 366 million people are afflicted with diabetes worldwide.  With such large numbers, it’s imperative that employers inform their employees about the symptoms, risk factors, and complications of this dangerous disease.  Incorporating diabetes awareness into a wellness program will also help employees afflicted with this disease receive the accommodations they need to improve their well-being.

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Migraines: A Headache for the Workplace

Studies show that 47% of adults worldwide have headache disorders, among them frequent migraine attacks.   Migraines can be disruptive to both employees and employers.  Although a recent study conducted by Pfizer and Harris Interactive showed that 66% of migraine sufferers continue working despite debilitating symptoms during migraine attacks, productivity is a problem for many sufferers.  It’s been estimated that employers spend $13 billion in lost workdays and decreased productivity of migraine sufferers.  HR professionals can help their employees and cut company costs by implementing initiatives that focus on awareness and disclosure, manager training, and comfortable environments.

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Depression Prevalent in the Workplace

It’s been estimated that 340 million people worldwide suffer from depression.  The majority of these individuals experience the condition during their peak career years.  Depression in the workplace affects an employee’s work performance, the overall office dynamics, and employer costs.  Studies show that employers will spend over $51 million in absenteeism and loss of productivity.  Medical treatment for the condition can cost employers over $26 billion. 

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